Monday, February 1, 2010

Biker Cake Where Can I Find The Recipe For The Hairy Bakers Princess Castle Cake?

Where can I find the recipe for the Hairy Bakers princess castle cake? - biker cake

I tried to look on the BBC website and the website but not hairy bikers can be found


  1. I had years ago that my daughter was dead easy
    I have a place cake, then made 4 biscuits in tins of baked beans and small pieces cut to every corner of the square cakes are assembled and can enter the tower bean cake, set in the corners ... . Get the drift a lot with the use of ice cream and placed on top of the towers and you can decorate is very impressive, with very simple recipe biscuit
    Good luck, I'm sure that whoever they are, will love it.

  2. Here you can try? ...

  3. Here you can try? ...

  4. I think the cake was more than just a sand cake - you should get the recipe for the entire network. I loved the shock of the cake;)