Thursday, February 18, 2010

Kirkland Organic Milk What Are They Preserving!!?

What are they preserving!!? - kirkland organic milk

When you buy a gallon of milk expiration date 1 weeks 2, if their luck Kirkland Organic milk is good for more than a month, what are the maintenance of normal milk, if only good for so little time?


  1. Normal milk in a store, then it is organic, why there is a difference in the data. They tend to send much faster in the organic food store.
    Wegmans I'm in the form should not know you.

  2. All the other crap they put it to the margins.

  3. I do not understand. organically, but it takes longer than normal conservative, you say you will take less time.
    the more fat lasts longer.

  4. something goes wrong.

    This could have an expiration date prior to that date, always, because sometimes we send send a daughter to forget. but if not, you should use the milk sour.

  5. Magazine decreased faster!

  6. Bacteria in the milk to replicate and cause damage