Tuesday, February 2, 2010

British Drivers License 2010 What Is The Consequence Of Driving Without Insurance And A British Driver's License?

What is the consequence of driving without insurance and a british driver's license? - british drivers license 2010

The penalties for offenses, and at least 9 points when you get a British license. In most cases, the ban on driving for 12 months would be. Ask for a person residing in the United Kingdom is not a fine, which is estimated to have been paid - around £ 260 minimum limit for. The car was confiscated and would cost money to be released and would be an insured and licensed


  1. Sorry, but people without insurance or license required to drive, wrap ... That is why insurance is so expensive, cos if you hit a driver, the insured must pay more money. Not even worth driving without a license if an international organization or contact the DVLA and get what makes the EU intervened.

    This link explains the law:

    ... http://www.direct.gov.uk/en/Motoring/Own

  2. I assume you are abroad. It seems you can not be any problem, why not the police the name of his cousin instead of his own and gone, like the rest of you immigrants. We citizens must pay respect for the law for anyone to break any laws. I am supporting all of their "mistake" tired and suddenly have no knowledge of English at standstill by the police. Imagine if one of us came home and parked in an unauthorized parking. Probably the immediate decapitation. Why do we allow this to happen?

  3. Clearly, then a fine of not less than 200 to 6 points
    Driving without a license - fines and a minimum of 3 points.