Friday, January 22, 2010

Business Gold Card American Express Gold Card Benefits?

American Express Gold Card benefits? - business gold card

My father has only a gold card for my birthday. I know he tied the game at one of your accounts, but I'm not sure whether it is for your company (Centurion) and his staff only (Platinum is connected, I believe - is gold because most of its expenditure is now in your card, though).

But what are the benefits of the Gold Card? I must inherit the benefits of what a bigger map, which is linked? Is there really a difference between this and my Visa or Mastercard?

Thank you.

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  1. They are considered as cardholders 'extra' but you have the same benefits as their father. The only thing that is not allowed, only a change in consideration, such as increase or decrease in available funding, etc., or interest

    AMEX resturaunt has some nice features such as front-line access to shows, concerts, sporting events. Also would not get to pay for insurance for rental cars, and you have a travel insurance of up to 15 days. There are also insurance products supported (if they are stolen or damaged).

    PS: Dang, you lucky. My old man would never Let Me Hold your card ... I remember not even get to see!