Monday, January 25, 2010

Fetal Development During Pregnancy Shady Education Of Planned Parenthood Personel?

Shady education of Planned Parenthood personel? - fetal development during pregnancy

"We know that the embryo or fetus can not feel pain before 20 weeks of pregnancy. Almost all - 99 percent - of all abortions will be performed before 20 weeks. It is even possible that the fetus can not perceive pain at any time during pregnancy . If, however, developed the ability to feel pain before birth and consciousness, it only after the 28th week of pregnancy, abortion, if it is performed only for the few unusual medical situations.

(Directly from the website of family planning Taken: ...

It seems a little sketchy for me, is not it? The baby, perhaps, no pain, even in the 40th Week? Read here (the evidence or elsewhere): ...

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