Sunday, January 24, 2010

Make Physic Toy What Physics Toy To Make?

What Physics toy to make? - make physic toy

used for Toy Show / FF. Principles of physics:
1. Focus
2. Couple
3. Work, force, energy
4. Impulse and Momentum
5. Fluids

* Toys must be functional and not for purposes of presentation.
HELP! I need suggestions as soon as possible. please? Thank you. =)


  1. I know that uses a toy for the first 4 principles. I do not know what his real name, but u can call Bob rebound (fun sounds good). India Tanjore dolls. to make a toy like a cone on a hemisphere. before the closure of the cone and the hemisphere, a sticky ball of clay and share in it. Now, when u give the ball a little aside so inbid wheel and push the center of gravity and hops until it is stable.

  2. Memory and the tip of the old school who was my mother. It was was basically an empty shell, like a spinning top that allow the use of a spiral that grows in the middle of the upper back, when actually in hand turning marked. Perhaps it would be if you make a reservation to water, to stabilize it might hold. I do not know .. Just a suggestion.