Saturday, January 23, 2010

Recommendations For 9 Day Camping Trip I'm Seeking Recommendations For Family Camping Lake Chelan, WA?

I'm seeking recommendations for family camping Lake Chelan, WA? - recommendations for 9 day camping trip

We are new WA. We are planning a family outing at the weekend at Lake Chelan. Our children are 9 and 15 years. They are interested in a water slide all day - if we want to be near. I want to hear their recommendations for a campsite for families and activities must-see/do. Thank you for your time.


  1. Lake Chelan State Park, and I like 25 Mile Creek State Park, the two are not too far from Slide Waters. The park in Chelan is a good place to relax, you can rent jet skis and boats, it is not the Putt Putt Golf and Go-Karts. Spend a day on the lake, rent a boat is a good time! Most boats are equipped with pipes and jet skis.

  2. Bon Jovi Rocks HardJanuary 27, 2010 at 2:44 AM

    Well, okay, sounds that impressive. I LOVE Slide Waters.

    I want to rent a boat for a day, with an air chamber and into the water. It's so fun to go three p.m. MPH in a tube. Fishing is also fun. It could have lunch, play music, games, and literally spend a day at the lake. "