Saturday, January 23, 2010

Mature Native Videos Do These Three Words Mean Similar Things In This Sentence? English Question?

Do these three words mean similar things in this sentence? English question? - mature native videos

Theorem: A film is a child / baby / child.

One thing that it is difficult to English, makes learning in my opinion, that there are many synonyms. I know these three words in prayer, are all used in the situation and was told that adults are not an act of seeing the kind of movie, it makes you seem less mature.
Hope native speakers can help me.
Thank you for your kindness!


  1. While all three appear similar, with a significance that give more detail to what you are trying to be childish, just because it uses the most commmonly. Child is near meaningless for children, but it is generally reserved for things that are specialized in children. The children have the connotation it usually means that the characteristics of a child. Children are associations with the offense and the description of immaturity. The fact is that, although this is technically not correct to use one of the three.

  2. Infant and child mortality rates are similar, although more children, offensive language.

    Child is very different child has the best characteristics of children, their natural curiosity, innocence, simplicity ... Lack of adult sophistication and simulation.

  3. The word that would make more sense, is childish. The other two words are similar in some contexts, but would make more sense if he said to describe a person, he looked and behaved like a baby / child.

  4. Child.

    The other two works, but they are rare.