Sunday, January 24, 2010

Christening Party What Should A 13 Year Old Wear To A Christening Party?

What should a 13 year old wear to a Christening party? - christening party

I'm 13th Very large and mature. Most people either much older or younger. I do not know what to wear. I have a team, but I think I'm going to the office. Help!


  1. Is expected after a church service, and it may be appropriate for a church or a formal occasion. If your computer seems to go in the office is good. Other adults who will probably go into the office, too.

  2. Black Rock, a white tank top, a black sweater nice gesture / -, silver jewelry and her hair in a bun or ponytail smooth high.

  3. Length of the skirt to the knee, women (because it is a party and not an office) and a sweater or other conservative principles (like you) are in a church.