Friday, January 22, 2010

Sailboat Diagrams Physics Help Please. No Idea How To Work This One?

Physics help please. no idea how to work this one? - sailboat diagrams

The force exerted by the wind in the sails of a sailboat in the North, 390 N. The water exerts a force of 180 N, 12.3 degrees south of east. When the ship) (including crew has a mass of 270 kg, is what the magnitude and direction of acceleration?

So my teacher told me that ...
"For this problem, have only a free-body diagram shows the horizontal forces, so that only
draw a plan view of the boat. Do not worry about the vertical forces such as gravity
and the normal force.


  1. The ATE is the boat. Draw a straight upward force with 390 Newtons. Draw another, the 180 Newton, located 12.3 degrees below the x-axis on the right side. The sum of these forces can be done with trigonometry.

    The final resultant vector has a size in Newton. The resultant force by the mass of the equipment can be divided to produce its acceleration. Since Force = Mass * Acceleration

  2. hehe, the question of geometry. Put a dot at the intersection of axes X and Y. and North America is the equality, the equality x it. 12.3 degrees south of this rotation is 12.3 degrees to the right (below) the x-axis forces and the sum of the resultant force is used to find the acceleration of the boat